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Software Testing and Quality Assurance
The principle objective of software testing is to give confidence in the software

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Quality IT applications are the backbone of most business processes today. Poorly tested and integrated software has a severe effect on a business’s customers, sales, partnerships, employees and financial bottom line, software testing becomes an increasingly important step in the deployment process to ensure that your solutions, particularly self-service, are delivering the superlative experience your customers expect. Connect Solutions has a Global Testing Center of Excellence, global testing labs, and testing professionals with in-depth understanding of consumer facing applications.

Connect Solutions believe that an effective Quality Assurance and Testing strategy is vital to attaining high standards. We apply this strategy to all software development that we do, but we can also provide Software testing services to our clients. Testing Services provide a full range of offers to improve your self-service application testing including valuation, strategy and planning, test execution, specialized testing and tool automation. With in-depth self-service and industry expertise in addition to strong testing knowledge, Connect Solution has highly qualified testing resources, the right processes, effective tools/techniques and a focus on continuous improvement that will improve time-to-market, increase consistency of solutions and differentiate your from your competitors.

Our test process framework, which is a result of diverse experiential knowledge, provides lead metrics and critical indicators that help in early course correction and proactive decision making thereby resulting in:-

  • • Reducing the defects that impact business use of the application.
  • • Provide a stable application in production.
  • • Significantly improve the Quality.

Services We Offer

Software Testing and Quality Assurance is essential for technology companies as they ensure higher quality at lower costs, reduce release cycle, increase client satisfaction and enhance competitive edge. Our software testing and QA services can help your company stay competitive in today’s dynamically changing market place.

Black Box Testing

Black Box Testing

We realize that every customer has different quality measures and that Black Box Testing is critical to a successful testing effort.

White Box Testing

White Box Testing

We provide the best white box testing services at the most economical price and our testers are educated on the most popular testing tools.

Unit Testing Image

Unit testing

We make sure each and every unit component is tested thoroughly for its performance, and quality throughout the entire development of the project.

Performance Testing Image

Performance Testing

We maintain a Testing Center of Excellence for performance testing services with highly trained personnel and specialized infrastructure.