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Application Re-engineering
To Develop The New Technologies And Update Software Accordingly.

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The essence of Application re-engineering is to improve or transform existing application so that it can be understand, controlled, and used new. The need for Application re-engineering has increased greatly, as heritage software systems have become obsolescent in terms of their architecture, the platforms on which they run, and their suitability and stability to support progression to support changing needs. Connect Solutions has the tools and services to support you at every step in the process of enhancing, upgrading, migrating, or porting your enterprise applications and information systems. Connect Solutions offers deep technical skills, as well as our internally developed set of tools and methodology, to help guide you through the potentially complex and cumbersome process of re-engineering.

We can rapidly and effectively re-engineer your legacy software applications to modern platforms with optimized architectures, at the same time retentive or enhancing the value of those applications. We bring together our proven processes, technology expertise and tools to reengineer your software applications to modern technologies such as .NET. Our mature programming processes, proprietary methodologies, flexible global delivery model, and severe quality management systems minimize project development cost; reduce time-to-market and ensure highest quality for our clients. Our best practices in application reengineering along with proprietary tools deliver optimized and cost-effective projects as solutions.

Our offerings for re-engineering are as follows:-

  • Assessment
  • Language Up gradation
  • User Interface Conversion
  • Database Changes
  • Technology Up gradation.

Meet the Team

Almost 70% applications of the world on mainframe and legacy systems, there is a great need for enterprises to modernize and upgrade their IT applications environment. We are providing services for environment upgrades and refresh, service enabling, web enabling, platform migrations, database migration and refactoring of legacy applications.

Web Enabling

Web Enabling

We offer an easy-to-use integration of products and services that leverage your existing applications to help you maximize these new opportunities by transforming your legacy applications to e-business applications with ease.

Legacy Migration and Re-engineering

Legacy Migration and Re-engineering

Our application Migration and Re-engineering services help customers to migrate and modernize older format of legacy applications to multi-tier applications based on .NET applications.

Environment Upgrade

Environment Upgrade

Our Application Re-engineering, Modernization and Migration services help customers to modernize and migrate from older platforms to newer ones with minimum risks. Enhance Performance and Upgrade Technology.


Enable Integration

We help customers to integrate complex applications and provide a single IT platform.An integrated IT environment helps customers to effectively manage processes and disseminate the info in the IT infrastructure.