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Analytics and Reporting
What Gets Measured, Gets Managed.

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The need of hour is to analyze and tracked the well-designed marketing strategies to make certain that we are working for you. Our role is to extent your ROI and scrutinize the data from reports, rights, conversions and sales. Our professional analytics team tracks and reviews the data that refines your advertising plan. We have extensive experience in marketing analytics that help us to collect, analyze and take part collected data with our dynamic marketing systems.

We will install professional analytics tools, Establishing goals and benchmarks, make a strategy that help us get rid of errors and jumble data and create custom reports for different companies depending on their specific needs. We will also help you in establish targets and goals, professional coaching, customized reporting and analysis. Training is available for businesses who want to become more self-supporting. We can create a method for data collection, identify errors, conflicts and confusion.

Our vision to Google Analytics, one of the most prevalent and effective analysis tools available, that can be integrated into other services such as Salesforce. We can lead to a structural failure in achieving business objectives by ROI for companies who work in Financial Services, Insurance, and Legal Services time is money and not understanding. We focus resources on business objective, inferring the results of both online with SMART plans.

Our Analytics and Reporting services are designed to provide the strategic perceptions and trends that will help your executive team incredulous the challenges. GPS Digital Media is a company dedicated to delivering value to our clients by focusing on your needs and being transparent about our role and goals.

Solutions we offer

Analytics and reporting is provided in different popular reporting tools, we helps the customers to review the trends , Analytics , budgeted v planned and the current data oriented MIS reports data in tables, charts and bars. We are expert in designing of graphical and data reporting.

Business Intellignce

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence software provides the most comprehensive, integrated and easy-to-use reporting and analysis features.

KPI Dashboard

Dashboard and Kpi

Whether it's internal data or KPIs from third-party services, we aggregate all your relevant data into amazing KPI dashboards.


Custom Reporting

Create your own custom reports to measure and analyze any expense metrics important to your organization.



We provides the information you need to apply new BI and analytics technologies to your company to improve performance management.